Large dogs need quality food just to maintain their physique and active lifestyle. You want the best for your best friend, and that’s why we’ve chosen the Rachael Ray Nutrish Big Life Large Breed Hearty Beef, Veggies & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food as our Product of the Week.

It’s a fact that almost all dogs will suffer from arthritis as they get older. What should be a happy, comfortable journey towards the end of their life becomes instead, one wracked with discomfort and pain.

It’s really one of my pet dislikes, but I see it over and over again. Dog owners with absolutely no control over their animal. Walking with the leash fully extended (even worse if it’s one of those extendable leashes) with the dog almost choking itself to death at the end of it.

Dog owners have been shown to benefit in many ways from their pet’s presence in a number of different studies done by medical professionals. As well as the obvious exercise related ones that come from having a companion that loves walking and running, there are many others that aren’t so obvious.

Now I have to admit that’s not me.  It’s a picture of Maggie, my beautiful Border Collie who passed away some years ago at the age of 14.  If she were still here, I’d get her to write her own About Me post. She was that smart.  There’s a joke Border Collie owners like to tell:  There was this

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